Silvia Alfaro

Architect and cultural manager. She has lived in Canada since 1996.


Silvia studied architecture in Colombia and design and technology in Canada. In Colombia, she worked in design and construction, also she was a professor of history of art and architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and was an advisor in the preservation of constructions declared historical heritage as well as in the preservation of the historic center of Ciénaga Magdalena. After working for 10 years as an architect in both Colombia and Canada, she decided to dedicate herself to promoting art, literature and other artistic expressions through publications, art exhibitions, concerts, literary events, workshops, etc., in addition to promoting and supporting activities of artists and cultural organizations.


She directed the Mapalé publishing house from 2004 to 2020.


Currently, Silvia continues with the  promotion of literature through literary events and organizing the Ibero-American Book Fair in Canada. 

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