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Historical perspective of Hispanic immigration, going back to the explorers of the mid 1500’s, up to modern age waves of migration; statistical data, profile of the community, census and accuracy issues, underlying sources of error, etc. Content will be presented using infographics, videos, and games; statistical data.

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Hall of Honour

Showcasing approximately 150 trans-media profiles of notable Hispanic-Latin American Canadians, including photos, bios, interviews, videos or podcasts. Most of these profiles will be provided by award competitions, such as the annual “10 Most Influential Hispanics in Canada” and others recognized for their contributions to Canada.

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Community in Action

Includes trans-media profiles of Hispanic-focused associations, media, nonprofits, foundations, etc. This content will also be used as a directory for the Hispanic community across Canada, and we expect more than 300 organizations will opt-in to participate.

Experience the community in action

The Arcade

Experience immersive & virtual reality experiences in the wholly 3D museum produced by Hispanic-Latin Americans expertly curated by FIVARS festival.

This custom build world features fully articulated customizable avatars, VOIP voice chat, text chat, and a complete Eventbrite-integrated or direct manageable user registration system. Try the demo

Additionally, it showcases dynamically generated video kiosks for 4K 360-degree stereoscopic video playback featuring spatial audio.

The interactive 2D site will employ quizzes, games and gamified content; for example, “guess that accent”, “which notable person did X”, community trivia, etc. This content is especially important to engage school-age students and “non-museum” types.

We come bearing gifts

Brings the museum to life, and presents music, dance, culture, traditions, folklore, art, gastronomy, literature, storytelling, TV, theatre and actors, sports, etc.

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