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Carlos E. Paz-Soldan

Chief Technology Officer – Originally from Lima, Perú, Carlos has been involved in I.T. since the mid ‘70s, and has worked for and with companies large and small, in South America, Africa and North America. After completing his MBA at UofT in 1984, Carlos founded Tenet Computer Group Inc., a Toronto-based I.T. Value-Added Reseller and Solution Provider. He also incubated Tenet Labs, a software division to develop innovative mobile solutions for sale around the world. In a successful exit in 2016 Carlos sold Tenet while retaining ownership of the software division to launch Techmien Corp. to continue developing innovative computing solutions for government and corporations. Carlos also volunteers as the President of, an association dedicated to the integration and success of Latin American technology professionals in Canada, and as the President of Canada Welcome Hub, which he founded in 2021 to assist volunteer associations of immigrant professionals of all backgrounds.

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