The Team

Board of Directors

Elvira Sanchez de malicki


President/Executive Director

Ms. Sanchez de Malicki holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Queen’s University Read More

Dr. Rosario Gómez


Dr. Gomez is an Associate Professor in the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Guelph. Dr. Gomez obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto Read More

Monique Mónica Forster

Director – CHC, History, Statistics, Education

Ms. Forster is a graduate from the University of Toronto. A faculty member at Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology, Read More



Secretary-General – Ms. Ampuero (she/her) is a trilingual social sector leader with over 15 years of experience in philanthropy and community mobilizing. Read More

Technical Team

Carlos E. Paz-Soldan

Chief Technology Officer 

Originally from Lima, Perú, Carlos has been involved in I.T. since the mid ‘70s, and has worked for and with companies large and small, in South America, Africa and North America. Read More


Lead Experience Designer 

Keram is a professional media & event producer, composer, actor, writer, game/Virtual Reality & Experience Designer, curator & business consultant to media companies. Read More

Oswaldo Quiroz

Media Director 

Oswaldo “Ozzy” is a trans-media producer who’s produced over 1000+ hours of high-profile linear and digital formats. Since 2016, Quiroz has focused on economic and social development. Read More


Silvia Alfaro

Authors, Books

Architect and cultural manager. She has lived in Canada since 1996. Silvia studied architecture in Colombia and design and technology in Canada. Read More

Zulima Wesso


Entrepreneur, designer and cultural ambassador. A prominent figure in the Hispanic community because of her contributions promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism in Canada. Read More



Marcela Aranda born in La Paz, Bolivia is a well known Master of Ceremonies in the Latin American community in Toronto Canada. Read More

Giovanni ruiz

Musical Instruments

From melancholy classics of the Andean region to the contagious rhythms of the Caribbean acclaimed Flutist Giovanni Ruiz. Read More

Carla Cassanova


Artist/Singer/Songwriter Carla Gonzalez-Casanova was born in Venezuela but left at a very early age to travel with her family across the globe. Read More

Dr. Jorge Filmus


Armed with a PhD in biological chemistry from Argentina, Dr. Jorge Filmus moved to Canada in 1983. Read More


Art Works

Carlos Aranha, Premio Internacional de Arte, Artista Contemporáneo, Pintor, Escultor Orgánico, Instalador de Arte Ambiental. Read More




Fátima has done internship and training programs in Ecuador, Brazil, the United States and Canada. Read More

Lody Campaña

Financial Consultant

Lody Campaña is a Business Administration graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) specializing in Finance. Read More

Francisco Berrio M.

Project Manager  

Mr. Berrío is an architect with a degree from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá D.C., Colombia South America. Read More


Legal Counsel

Mr. Malicki has practiced as a lawyer since 1973. Since 1989 Mr. Malicki has served as a deputy Small Claims Court judge in Central West Region in Ontario. Read More

dr. Alfredo Tinajero

Research and Development

Dr. Tinajero is a Human Development specialist living in Toronto, Canada. Read More

Research Initiatives and Academic Collaboration

Mishelle Wehbe


Mishelle (she/her/hers), a dedicated university student and independent researcher specializing in periglacial geomorphology and remote sensing, is pursuing utilizing Read More

Angie Lopez

Program Liaison

Angie (she/her/hers) is a Biomedical Engineering Technologist that played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community among students at St. Clair College. Read More

Daniela Casares

Marketing Student

Daniela, from Quito, Ecuador, is an active participant in entrepreneurship contests and UN school models. Read More